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The Brigham Brothers is a Bay Area band that serves up a unique blend of dance-based roots music integrating a variety of Americana genres.  Elements of Southern rock, country, zydeco, and New Orleans-inspired rhthym & blues come together in a band that would be right at home in the honky tonks of Austin, Texas or a juke joint in the Louisiana bayou country.


With its Americana repertoire connecting Johnny Cash and the Carter Family with the Rolling Stones, Lynrd Skynrd and the Allman Brothers, the band retains the sweet sound of its acoustic forefathers while seasoning it with amplified fiddle, electric guitar and percussion.


Delivered with an unusually high level of energy, the result is a performance that rarely fails to bring the audience to its feet and onto the dance floor.

"This band really knows how to rock and roll with an Americana twang.  Their sound is kind of a Delbert McClinton meets Rolling Stones and the Neville Brothers.  The standup bass, electric guitar and fiddle remind me of some early Sun Records recordings, and having the smoking banjo on some songs is always fun.  Great dance band..."  

Ed Rasmussen, Music Critic 

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